• Start off with a rhetorical question eg. who believed in Santa etc
  • first paragraph – the illusion of child hood and how the imagination is broader, we are fed stories like Santa and the Easter bunny
  • second paragraph – being a teenager, the social media, the
  • third paragraph – being a mature adult


Who remembers the good old days when we all believed in Santa, the easter bunny or the tooth fairy.


Childhood is the time from when you are born to adolesce. They are considered the best years of your life, it’s a time when nothing matters and your imagination can run wild. Everything is made special and life is stress-free.Parents would perceive it as the golden age.The age where parents can have no of fear of where or what their children are up to.Children are told elaborate illusions like Santa and the easter bunny to keep them believing in something that can allow their imagination to run wild. The reality is that As we grow up and start hitting the double digits the imagination starts to fade out.Kids don’t wanna play with dolls or pretend to be a teacher in a game with their friends, instead, they would rather sit on an iPad  But as we get further and further through child hood and closer to being a teen we form the illusion that growing up is going to be better.That it will allow us more freedoms and good times with friends


Once we hit the infamous teen years we are sucked into a new illusion. We think that we can continue through life and school with minimal effort but go out and have fun on the weekends.Life is going to be relaxed but obviously, there will be a bit of pressure added when it comes to exams.We form this illusion through watching movies and tv series where the characters breeze through school but have these amazing weekends.We look up to illusions where the girls have perfect skin and bodies and the guys are fit and dumb. In reality, teens are faced with a lot of expectations.There’s the pressure from our families to apply ourselves at school and be getting good grades so we can have the best future possible, then we also have to start planning for our future and making decisions that can affect our careers.This results in constant stress, I know for a fact that when I have an exam I freak out.As teenagers, you are also faced with social pressures like what friend group you are associated with


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