29th August 2017

Significant connections

“People have a habit of inventing fictions they will believe wholeheartedly in order to avoid the truth they cannot accept”  This is an aspect of the art of illusion.Four texts that portray this are The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, Gossip Girl directed and created by Stephanie Savage and John Schwartz, New Girl by Paige Harbison and The lost Decade by F Scott Fitzgerald.These texts show us living behind an illusion.

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F.Scott Fitzgerald.In the Great Gatsby, the main character that we focus on through the text is Jay Gatsby.Gatsby portrays an illusion of a rich man who comes from family wealth when in reality he is a man who has built his rich image through illegal trades.He made this fake persona specifically so he could be apart of the upper class and more specifically so he could be at an appropriate status so he could win over daisy and he could rekindle his relationship with her. Nick discusses Gatsbys persona when he says “So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end” From the quote we can see that Nick believes Gatsby’s persona is immature and not representing his age as he gets older. Typically seventeen-year-olds are all parties, friends, and girls which is where Gatsby’s illusion began, He created someone that a young girl would want and hadn’t evolved his persona as he grew up.He never gave up on Daisy and was completely faithful to it to the personality he had made to win her over to the moment he died as he was waiting for Daisy’s call.Before we learn about Gatsby’s illusion it is hinted to us early in the novel at his party when Nick comments on how great the party is Gatsby responds by saying “i keep it always full of interesting people” When Gatsby says this he is revealing that he doesn’t know any of these people but is surrounding himself by them to make him make his illusion believable and people see him as the Jay Gatsby he has created and not the young boy he had worked so hard to make disappear.

Gossip Girl is a television series directed and created by Josh Swartz and Stephanie Savage that starts off in high school at Constance prep school in the upper east side where over privileged teenagers attend, these students are always being posted about by “gossip girl” who no one knows the true identity of.After high school, they think gossip girl is done with them but she follows them through their life constantly posting about them until the last episode where gossip girl is revealed as Dan Humphry. Dan is the poor kid who lives in Brooklyn but attended Constance on a scholarship, he was always the outsider because of his social status and where he lived.Everyone saw the illusion that Dan wanted them to see, he wanted them to see him as the outsider who knew nothing and was totally irrelevant in their world, but really Dan was the ultimate insider who knew everything and could absolutely flip their world. When Dan uncovers himself as gossip girl he reveals why“Have you ever wanted something so badly where you just know you’re not going to get … well, that was my whole life.the moment I met you I knew I couldn’t pull you out of your world into mine, but I couldn’t give up” Dan was so enchanted by Serena and the lifestyle that he would somehow make his way into it.He had always felt like an outsider due to his status because everyone at that school were rich snobs who wore designer clothes, well he was wearing hand me downs from his family.There fore he created the illusion of Gossip Girl so he felt apart of it the upper east side community. He later on says that “A membership into this community was so elite you couldn’t even buy your way in, it was a birth right. A birth right I didn’t have and my greatest achievements would never earn me. But I had an idea if I wasn’t born into this world maybe I could write myself into it… every writer has his muse.” This is referring to the fact that the upper east side isn’t somewhere you can simply have a lot of money to be apart of it is a community where you, your parents and your friends have been apart of and linked for years.The advantages that came with it were never having to earn anything due to your name which is why Dan says his achievements would never earn him it, which is why he wrote himself in and then mentions that Serena is his muse and the reason as well. He created the illusion of Gossip Girl to feel apart of the upper east side and to win over Serena just like Gatsby made his fake persona to be apart of the east egg community and upper class so he could win over Daisy.However, Dan wanted people to still see him as the outsider so no one could suspect he was gossip girl this making the illusion of gossip girl seamless just like Gatsby wanted for himself.

New Girl by Paige Harbison is about a girl who moves to a new school, she was the outsider at her old school and took the opportunity of being at a new school to reinvent herself and her personality.She came across a carefree girl who let nothing get to her.We later learn in the book that this lifestyle is taking a toll on her, making her do things she wouldn’t be comfortable doing before and she felt weak under the pressure of the illusion everyone saw of her. early in the book she mentions how it makes her feel seeing people in the position she used to be in “It was so incredibly nostalgic for a life I’d never, ever have again” This shows us that she wanted to keep her illusion strong and never wanted to be put in the place of feeling like a loser again. she also says how the pressure of her new personality was affecting her.“I felt determined and strong, but weak and alone all at once” She says she is feeling weak, the control is out of her hands now.However it made her feel strong because she wasn’t an out cast anymore, she had power over boys and girls at her school and was determined to keep it that way.Everyone sees Becca as a strong person with no insecurity or flaws.Like Dan, Becca had always felt like an outsider and similar to Dan she found a way to be on the inside.She created someone who was confident and popular who knew everything just as Dan did with gossip girl.

The lost decade by F Scott Fitzgerald is about Orrison brown who takes odd jobs at the newspaper has been assigned taking Louis Trimble to lunch at a restaurant called 21.




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