Mary Shelley Quote – Ideas Frankenstein

“I busied myself to think of a story … One which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror”-Mary Shelley.   To what extent do you believe that Mary Shelley achieved this original goal?

I think that Mary Shelley achieved this original goal but not in the way she intended.I think she did speak to a mysterious fears of us because she made us feel uncomfortable with an idea that is brought up a lot in tv and movies these days, the Idea of immortality.She showed us the side that we will end up regretting maybe gave a glimpse into the reprocutions of messing with the balance of nature through science maybe installing some fear.Our nature is the idea of something being bigger than us and then there is human nature which is everything like morals, beliefs and stuff that makes us up, we have this belief as humans that we are superior to everything.The creature in frankenstien is a superior human channeling into our fears as a human of the supernatural and death.

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