Great Gatsby : Chapter 2

explore one way that Fitzgerald presents illusion in this chapter , use evidence to support your ideas ?

Fitzgerald presents illusion in this chapter because what is going on isn’t the real world.Nick and tom  are at a an apartment that tom rents with his mistress Myrtle. They are escaping their everyday lives and have a good time drinking and doing drugs. myrtle is poor , she is married to a working class man and lives in the valley of ashes.When she is with tom she acts as if she is rich and lives a glamorous life with tom.She believes her and tom will be together one day, but the reality is that tom will never leave daisy who comes from a rich family and a proper upbringing.“Then she flounced over to the dog , kissed it with ecstasy , and swept into the kitchen, implying that a dozen chefs awaited her orders.” Fitzgerald uses this quote to show myrtle acting as if this is her life and that her unhappiness at home and that she would much prefer to have this as her real lifestyle with tom.

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